5 Reasons You Need to Exercise Daily

For a lot of people struggling with their weight, exercising is a sporadic activity they will try, get frustrated with, and give up because they do not see any results. Even if you are unable to witness results on the scales, any form of regular exercise is better than no exercise at all.

Plus, the only way to guarantee that you won’t lose weight is to give up exercising entirely. Exercise works better when you give yourself a regular dose every week, so here are five reasons why you need to exercise daily:

  1. Exercise helps you control your weight
  2. Regular physical activity improves your immune system
  3. You can improve your mood with exercise
  4. Exercise builds muscle tissue
  5. Strength training increases bone density

Reason to Exercise Daily #1: Exercise Helps you Control Your Weight

If you’re a regular dieter, you know that most good diets will tell you that exercise completes the weight-loss puzzle. Not only does the intense physical activity burn calories while you are sweating it out, but it also speeds up your metabolism. Your body will continue to consume calories for some time after you have finished a workout.

Reason to Exercise Daily #2: Regular Exercise Strengthens the Immune System

If you’re worried about heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or a whole slew of other conditions such as depression, anxiety, and arthritis, then exercise provides greater potential at reducing their impact than any supplement you can get from a bottle.

Physical activity helps regulate your cholesterol and promotes more high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, or HDL (the good kind). It will also reduce the number of unhealthy triglycerides in your system and keep your blood pressure at optimal levels.

Reason to Exercise Daily #3: Exercise Improves Your Mood

A day at the office can add significant amounts of stress to your system. Without any way to blow off steam, such as a punching bag, you will find other ways to cope, which might include overeating or kicking the cat.

A session of physical activity after work will help you work out the kinks and reduce your cortisol levels. The intense activity can also trigger the release of natural endorphins, which are the brain’s way of making you feel good.

Reason to Exercise Daily #4: Exercise Builds Muscle Tissue

If you combine a few strength training sessions into your routine, you will add muscle to your frame. Muscle is metabolically active, which means your body must use up calories to maintain its mass. Your muscle mass is one of the reasons why regular exercise is so important; if you stop, you will lose an important ally in keeping off excess weight.

Any form of exercise is good for you, but if you want to focus on building bone density, then a couple of sessions a week of strength training should be included. We aren’t talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger type weights, as even light weights can help. The most important thing is that you perform the exercises regularly.

Reason to Exercise Daily #5: Exercise Increases Bone Density

Osteoarthritis is a debilitating condition that we face as we get older. As we age, our bone density decreases, which weakens the skeletal system and increases the risk of breaks. Weak bones are the reason behind a lot of hip replacements and knee pain.

Exercise, strength training in particular, has been shown to increase bone density, regardless of the age of the participants.

How to Fit More Regular Exercise into Your Week

One of the keys to exercising every day is to find something you enjoy. It could be tennis, yoga, swimming, running, skipping, or cross-training. If you quickly get bored, try a treadmill or cross-trainer in front of the TV.

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