10 benefits of water

Water is such a basic an element, then we don’t even notice it. It literally falls from the sky and envelopes huge tracts of our planet, yet it is so utterly vital to a healthy life. If we just took a moment to understand how good and important the water is for us, we might change ourselves for the better.

Adult men are recommended to drink up to a gallon of water a day, while adult women should look to consume approximately 75% of a gallon a day. 

The roles that water plays in human health are numerous. If the body is dehydrated, even mildly, then body functions become quickly compromised.

Water Fact #1: Exists in every living organism

Water makes up over 70% of us as humans, the Earth is nearly three quarters covered by it and every living organism on our planet needs it to survive. Comes in handy in so many other ways too – for washing, cooking, transport, power generation and so on. Pretty nifty for a colorless, tasteless, nutrient and calorie free substance that so many of us take for granted, yet literally keeps us alive from day to day.

Water Fact #2: Life is not possible without water

The importance of water to human health simply cannot be underestimated. Like sunlight, gravity and oxygen, if you don’t have any of it for more than a very short period of time, your body is pretty soon going to let you know all about it. Cells, tissue, organs and skin are all water dense and very water reliant

Water Fact #3: Water is Essential for Brain Function

Water is essential for brain health and cognition. When dehydrated, focus and memory can become adversely affected. It also important for regulating mood – the symptoms of dehydration can cause anxiety, fatigue and confusion. It is no coincidence that a hangover from drinking alcohol often induces those same symptoms. Alcohol is notorious for dehydrating the body.

Water Fact #4: Low Energy Levels When not Hydrated

Dehydration also plays a significant part in adversely affecting physical energy levels too. Without sufficient hydration, muscles become fatigued more easily and recovery time from physical exertion becomes lengthier.

Water Fact #5: Helps Maintain Healthy Body Temperature

Staying sufficiently hydrated with enough water is also crucial for body temperature regulation. The body sweats naturally, even at rest, and it also releases water with bodily waste. Consequently, what gets lost needs to be regularly replaced to ensure body temperature remains healthy.

Water Fact #6: Improves digestion and Nutrient Absorption

Water also plays a critical role in helping with both digestion and the absorption of nutrients from what we eat. Water is the basis of saliva which is the first part of the digestion process when we chew our food. [4] Water subsequently then goes on to help the body’s digestion process by helping with the further break down of food and transporting goodness throughout the body.

Water Fact #7: Helps with Oxygenation in the blood stream

And there is yet more. Water helps with the flow of oxygen around the body. That’s because half of the volume of blood (which of course carries oxygen) is made up of plasma which in turn consists of 93% water.

Water Fact #8: Great for Joints, skin, and Spinal Cord Health

Your skin, joints, tissues, membranes and spinal cord also all need to be kept hydrated with regular water consumption. We all know that feeling of having dry lips or nose from either the cold or having a cold and how visible that is. It is though harder to visualize the same happening to your spinal cord, but it’s basically the same dehydration process at work.

Water Fact #9: Boosts Immune System

Drinking sufficient water helps the body’s immune system fight infections and viruses. Evidence is coming increasingly to light that shows how staying properly hydrated can give your body the best chance possible of fighting off being infected by things like cold and ‘flu viruses.

Water Fact #10: Aids in Weight Loss

For those struggling with weight loss or weight control, drinking enough water can help. That’s because it is calorie free, helps give your metabolism a kick-start and also acts as an appetite suppressant as it fills the stomach. An ice cold drink of water first thing in the morning will not only help to wake you up, but your body does its best to warm the water up and therefore stimulates your metabolism to start burning more calories.

Water is so integral to the health of virtually every part of your body. It is constantly being used or lost by the body and therefore needs to be continually replenished. Never mind raising a toast to good health with a beer or a wine, a glass of water would be far more apt.

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