Benefits of Chia Seeds - The Nutrient
Benefits of Chia Seeds - The Nutrient

If you’ve not yet heard of chia seeds, now’s the time to read on. Having a nutty, mixed sweet and savoury taste, chia seeds are becoming ever more popular. That’s because they are packed with nutrients and super-good for you. In fact, chia seeds have become increasingly identified as a “super-food” in recent years and their popularity has increased accordingly.

Chia seeds contain generous amounts of fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium phosphorous, manganese, zinc and a range of B vitamins.


Chia Benefit #1: Low Calories

One of the first standout features of chia seeds is the calorie to nutrient ratio. They are much lower in calories when compared to other seeds, which proves to be an ideal choice for those looking to lose or control weight.

Chia Benefit #2: High Fiber Content

Nearly all of the carbohydrates found in chia seeds are fiber, which is excellent news for your digestive health, keeping you regular. The fiber in Chia is also good for your heart in that it can improve your blood cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease.

Chia Benefit #3: Antioxidant Rich

Chia seeds are crammed full of antioxidants that can fight off free radicals which are the bad guys in the body that can cause serious health conditions and contribute to our bodies excessively aging.

Chia Benefit #4: Supports Bone Health

Calcium, phosphorous and magnesium, which are all found in chia seeds, are also excellent for helping with bone health.

Chia Benefit #5: Anti-Inflammatory

Evidence continues to grow as to the anti-inflammatory benefits that chia seeds hold for the body, with inflammation often being a precursor to problems with the heart and cancer.

Chia Benefit #6: Rich in Omega-3s

Half of the fat in chia seeds is omega-3 – a fatty acid that is beneficial for various body parts, to include the eye, brain and central nervous system.

Chia Benefit #7: Great as an Appetite Suppressant

As chia seeds are also rich in fiber, they act as an appetite suppressant when consumed, making you feel fuller for longer.

Chia Benefit #8: High in Protein

Chia seeds contain a decent amount of protein too, including the majority of essential amino acids. They are perfect for those working on their lean muscle mass.

Chia Benefit #9: Helps Control Blood Sogar

Chia seeds have been linked with helping to control blood sugar levels, and is especially promising for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Chia Benefit #10: Promotes Liver Health

The manganese found in chia seeds is great for assisting your body effectively utilize other vital vitamins and minerals, as well as promoting liver health.


Chia seeds are great for adding to oatmeal or mixing into your favorite juice or smoothie. They can also be a tasty treat added to a little flavored almond milk.

Chia Pudding – The Nutrient

Quick Chia Pudding – add 2 tablespoons of chia to 4 oz Almond Milk, one teaspoon agave nectar.

Chia Seeds as Egg Substitute – Chia is a great binding agent and can be used as a egg replacement when baking by simply mixing chia seeds with water.

Berry Smoothie Bowl – add 1 cup frozen berries, 4 dates, 1 fresh or frozen banana, 2 table spoons chia seeds, and one cup apple juice to a blender, mix for 2 to 3 min on high. Serve in a bowl, serve in a medium bowl topped with fresh berries and mint.

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