About The Nutrient!

Welcome! I’m happy you’re here. You can call me El, which is one of many nicknames, or Eleonora, which is my full first name. Either way, I’m a self-taught health enthusiast currently residing in North Carolina.

I am passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition. I started my nutritional journey when I was about 14 years old due to loss of a spleen (at the age of 5) and a compromised immune system. My curiosity about my condition pushed me to self-educate myself for the past three decades about non-conventional medicines as well as nutritional healing. I’m here to share my insights hoping to help others discover the healing nature around us which allows us to heal and maintain healthy bodies.

We must remember that our bodies are nutrient dense organic machines that have the capability to self heal and repair by feeding it the right nutrient dense foods! With modern conveniences we tend to forget what is best for us from nature. As a result, we develop all sorts of diseases and ailments and place too much faith in modern medicine which is not always the best choice.

I launched thenutrient.com for one simple reason, to help people like myself stay healthy naturally and live a long healthy life.

Why I’m not a Certified Nutritionist?

It was never my intention to make a living by helping people stay healthy and heal. I simply wanted to keep myself healthy and help those around me. I do it for pure joy. Professionally I’m a programmer and I work full time. The nutrient.com is my communication channel that I will continue to nurture with helpful health information as much as I can.

I also learned that I can’t change anyone. The individuals must want to change themselves and take the appropriate action needed.

I hope you find this website helpful.

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