How to Detox Daily - 3 Easy Ways

Detoxing should happen daily as your body is periodically seeking to release toxins from tissues to prevent build-up. Not only does it encourage new healthy cell regeneration, but also helps reverse the aging process and even prevent diseases. Here are three great ways to detox your body daily.

Easy Daily Detox Option #1: Lemon Water

Lemon Water Detox

Lemons are one of nature’s genuine food gifts to us. Their health benefits are extensive . Consequently, it should come as absolutely no surprise that lemon water is a great way to detox.

The water alone is great for both flushing us out and keeping us hydrated. Meanwhile, lemons are rich in vitamin C – one of the most powerful antioxidants that nature has to offer us and a great way to help the body purge itself of the bad stuff.

How to detox with Lemon Water ?

Drink at least two 16 oz glasses of Lemon water when you get out of bed.

How to Make Lemon Infused Water

Here is a quick and easy recipe for your morning or a mid day refresher on a hot day.

1. Slice one whole lemon into thin slices
2. Place on the bottom of your pitcher
3. Fill the Pitcher with water
4. Refrigerate for one hour or top it off with ice

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Easy Daily Detox Option #2: Celery Juice.

Celery juice detox

Celery has to be one of the most distinctive vegetables out there. It’s packed full of goodness and it’s juice is great for helping you flush out toxins.

Celery juice is super-rich in antioxidants and can help the body with any number of things, including more effective digestion, liver detoxification and keeping iron and magnesium levels topped up. It’s also great for helping the body reduce inflammation – the potential cause of many a serious health condition.

How to detox with Celery Juice ?

According to Anthony William’s Liver Rescue book, Celery Juice should be consumed on an empty stomach when you first wake up. However, if you start your day with Lemon Water, wait 20 to 30 minutes after drinking water, then drink your 16 oz of celery juice on an empty stomach.

How to Make Celery Juice (Blender Method)

This juice can be made ahead of time and stored up to 2 days.

  1. Use 1 bunch of celery (organic preferred), cut off the base to separate celery stalks
  2. Wash thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris
  3. Chop up the celery stalks into 1 inch chunks, and place in your blender
  4. Add ¼ to ½ cup of purified, distilled, or spring water to the blender, after your lid is tightly closed, blend for 1 to 2 minutes till liquified (length of time depends on the blender)
  5. Pour your blended celery juice into a container through a nut milk bag. Spin your bag to create a twist and squeeze out the juice of celery. Keep spinning and twisting till there is nothing left to squeeze.
  6. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

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Easy Daily Detox Option #3: Intermittent fasting.

Intermittent Fasting Detox

Generally covering a period of 12 to 36 hours, intermittent fasting allows for a range of health benefits. Some of those include potential weight loss and controlling type 2 diabetes, courtesy of reducing insulin levels and improved brain health by way of reducing inflammation.

Other benefits include a potential reduction in blood pressure (good news for your heart and reducing the risk of stroke) and also improved neurological function – adding potential protection against conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

How to detox with Intermittent fasting?

There are a number of time combinations / plans for intermittent fasting. While any number of those may be found online, here are three of the most popular:1

The 16 / 8. This diet consists of 16 hours fasting and an eight-hour window for eating as you would.2

The 5 / 2. The 5/ 2 is a variant of intermittent fasting that sees the user eat as they would for five days straight, and then have two subsequent days when they don’t eat.

Alternate day fasting. This fasting variant entails, as the name suggests, eating what you would on one day and then abstaining from food the next.


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