Benefits of Wild Rice

While wild rice is low in calories it is especially rich in fiber and antioxidants. Wild rice also has a lower and better GI at 45 compared to white rice coming in at 76. Wild rice also provides generous amounts of vital nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B6 (folate), iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc.

Here are the 10 Surprising Benefits of Wild Rice:

Wild Rice Benefit #1: High Content of Antioxidants

Wild rice has a greater potency when it comes to antioxidants than regular rice. These antioxidants can help the body fight off infections and serious medical conditions (potentially including some cancers.)

Wild Rice Benefit #2: Contains Phosphorus

The phosphorous in wild rice is good news for both the health of your bones as well as your kidneys.

Wild Rice Benefit #3: Helps with High Blood Pressure

Those with high blood pressure should consider incorporating wild rice into their diet. That’s because it is naturally very low in sodium and high in potassium and therefore an excellent food for those looking to control their blood pressure.

Wild Rice Benefit #4: Low in Calories

The low-calorie content of wild rice means it is ideal for both diabetics and those who are looking to follow weight loss and weight control diets.

Wild Rice Benefit #5: May be Beneficial to the Heart

Even though wild rice is a grass seed, it acts like a grain when it comes to heart health. Evidence has shown how regular consumption of whole grains is beneficial to the heart by helping to reduce arterial plaque and consequently the risk of heart attack.

Wild Rice Benefit #6: High in Fiber

The high fiber content of wild rice means that it’s great for the health of your digestion system and ensuring regularity. It can also help fight off issues like stomach bloating and cramping.

Wild Rice Benefit #7: Rich in Proteins and Complex Carbohydrates

Wild rice is also rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates, which is perfect for those wishing to add muscle in conjunction with their gym regime.

Wild Rice Benefit #8: Anti-Aging Properties

Revisiting antioxidant levels, you may wish to consider regular consumption of wild rice to combat the looks and effects of the aging process.

Wild Rice Benefit #9: Contains Magnesium

For those with lethargy or physical exertion recovery issues, the magnesium content of wild rice could be your solution. This is because magnesium is great for helping remove lactic acid from tired muscles.

Wild Rice Benefit #10: Natural Source of vitamin B6 (folate)

The vitamin B6 (folate) content of wild rice is excellent news for expectant mothers, helping with the health and well-being of their fetus.


Wild rice is just as versatile as regular rice, and can be incorporated into a wide array of dishes. Wild rice is Ideal in a soup or salad, and yes, you can even make wild rice-pudding for a super healthy dessert!

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