10 Benefits of Bananas

One medium sized banana offers up decent amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, potassium, iron magnesium, copper, and fiber, all for around 90 calories. When it comes to getting and staying healthy, here’s 10 reasons why you should go bananas for bananas!1

Benefit of Bananas #1: Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar

Bananas are rich in a compound called “pectin”, consumption of which can help moderate blood sugar levels after a meal.2

Benefit of Bananas #2: Loaded with Potassium

Kidney health can also benefit from the significant potassium levels which are found in bananas.3

Benefit of Bananas #3: Rich in Fiber

As bananas offer up a decent amount of fiber, they are very good for your gut or digestive system.4

Benefit of Bananas #4: Natural Source of Vitamin B6

Bananas are one of the best fruit sources for vitamin B6 available. Consequently, bananas are great for helping the body with things like maintaining the nervous system, red cell production, and warding off heart disease.5

Benefit of Bananas #5: Boosts skin Health

Given their manganese content, bananas can also give the body’s skin health a real boost, as well as ensuring proper liver function.6

Benefit of Bananas #6: Great for the Heart

Going back to bananas and their fiber content, another benefit to keep in mind is how that means they are good for the ticker, very heart friendly!7

Benefit of Bananas #7: Helps with Anemia and Fatigue

Courtesy of their generous iron content, consuming bananas can also help those with fatigue as well as anemia.8

Benefit of Bananas #8: Boosts the Immune System

Bananas contain a wide range of antioxidants, which proves to be an excellent way to help the body to stay healthy, boost the immune system, and fight off diseases.9

Benefit of Bananas #9: Great for Endurance

Bananas are an excellent energy source for those working out, especially in endurance activities such as running and cycling.10

Benefit of Bananas #10: Easily Accessible

Lastly, a non-health related reason why to love bananas is they are incredibly convenient to carry around and keep ready in their natural yellowy wrapper prior to being eaten!

Ways To Eat Bananas

When it comes to versatility, nothing really beats a banana! Perfect as they are, bananas can be used in a wide range of cooking and meals, especially desserts. Think banana bread, banana fritters, banana skillet upside-down cake, adding a banana to your smoothie, banana foster, and those are just a few of your banana munching options!


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